How to buy at

  • - To buy on our website, you must create a customer account. In the registration process, personal data will be requested for the subsequent shipment of order, such as; Name, surname, address and contact telephone number in order to be able to contact in the case of having exhausted any product or specifying custom orders.
  • - Once the customer account is created, they can access the product categories that interest them and add the products to the shopping cart. To know the details of the products you must click on the title to see the entire description of it.
  • - To confirm the order we must go to the shopping cart, where we will have all the products chosen, and press the confirm button. If there are not enough items in stock, this will not let you confirm your order, you must correct the quantity to buy according to the available stock, you can always contact us in case you want more quantities, we may be able to help you.

About payments and shipments:

  • Shipping cost: The shipping costs are based on the weight of the order including the packing, these will be automatically calculated according to your destination.
  • Shipping method:All shipments are made by registered courier (under signature on arrival at your destination). This is delivered to your home, however if at the time of delivery there is no one at home to pick it up, it will be deposited in the post office and will have 15 days to pick it up on the spot. Shipments usually take 2 to 4 working days from the time they are shipped.
  • Choose payment method. You can pay by Paypal or Credit Card (from paypal). If you need to invoice your purchase with your tax data, you must tell us as soon as possible with your NIF, to the email address
  • Confirm your order. A summary of your order will appear with the products and quantities, shipping address and shipping costs. In the same confirmation page you have a box to make any comment of the order.

Once the order has been confirmed, confirmation email will be sent with your order number, and in the case that you have chosen as payment method bank transfer, the accounts where you must make the transfer or transfer within the maximum period of 5 days ( To have unique details, we can not reserve them forever, we hope you understand). If you do not receive the email please check the SPAM folder, the email may have been pasted there. Add us safe senders to receive upcoming emails safely.