About payments and shipments:

  • Shipping cost: The shipping costs are based on the weight of the order including the packing, these will be automatically calculated according to your destination..
  • Shipping method: All shipments are made by registered mail (under signature on arrival at your destination). This is delivered to your home, however if at the time of delivery there is no one at home to pick it up, it will be deposited in the post office and will have 15 days to pick it up on the spot. Shipments outside Spain usually take about 8 to 20 working days from the time they are shipped.
  •  Method of payment: You can choose to pay by Paypal and Credit Card (from paypal)..

All products are displayed with VAT included, however in the remote case (very rarely happens) that your country's customs require it you will have to pay the tariffs and taxes that they create convenient, in no time bisuteriaanimal.es will take care of These expenses that are only required to the receiver of the shipment. If you need detailed invoice for such procedures do not hesitate to contact us..

The time to process your order (check payment, package, send, etc.) is 24 / 48h. Provided they are not custom orders (contact to consult estimated time) so the following must be kept in mind;

Processing: 24 / 48h + what late arrival at your destination once sent. This time will be increased if they are personalized details since they must be created, likewise depending on the quantities, it will take more or less days.